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Your B2B SaaS idea to the Web in weeks.

The fullstack web development studio obsessed with your product-market fit.

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Aren’t you tired of unreliable freelancers or expensive agencies?

We craft your prototype in 2 weeks and launch your idea in 3 months.

Fixed prices, customer testing, and exceptional guarantees included.



Heroku Ruby on Rails TypeScript / Angular PostgreSQL

OrderNova provides an ecommerce, in-store, and wholesale bakery order management to bakeries.

Riccardo became the CTO after two years of its failed launch, salvaged the legacy codebase, and started making revenue.


Ansible Ruby on Rails JavaScript / AngularJS / Elm MySQL

AirCasting is one of the largest open-source databases of community-collected air quality measurements ever created.

Riccardo worked as a technical lead to coordinate the new UI with a designer, updates to the Android application and a new iOS app with mobile developers, and added new features to the web application and infrastructure himself.

While delivering value to the users, the team paid back most of the technical debt by upgrading dependencies, introducing a provisioning infrastructure, and migrating Angularjs to Elm.


Ansible / Docker Ruby on Rails JavaScript / Angularjs / React MySQL

Hypoguide is an online mortgage application platform.

Riccardo worked as a fullstack web engineer to white label the application, Dockerize it, and license it to a third-party. He developed and managed the team until the application was acquired.

Fixed Price.

You won’t pay a penny more. We own our mistakes.

Tested. For real.

We interview your customers every two weeks and share the insights.

Exceptional guarantees.

Defect-free and 100% money back. You bet we do an excellent job.

Async collaboration. Mostly.

We sync with your strategy upfront so that we can execute asynchronously.

Show. Don’t tell.

Making progress keeps us motivated. We strive for quick wins and over-communicate them.

Skin in the game.

You don’t buy time, nor code. We are not done until we get the results we agreed upon.


1-hour discovery (free)

Let’s see if we are a good match and can hit a home run together.

You have our permission to use the call to get free expert advice from a senior engineer—no strings attached.

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Riccardo Odone

Senior fullstack engineer

2-week innovation (5.000 USD)

Let’s take one B2B SaaS idea and validate a software solution by testing it with potential customers.

Every idea is brilliant but it's an assumption until users interact with the real thing. That's why we code prototypes, not clickable mockups.

If the prototype needs illustrations and/or substantial design, we will add a dedicated designer to the team (+2.500 USD).

We will:

We record all the calls (including the testing) for future reference.

If you are not happy with our work by day 10, we’ll hand you all the work done for free and return you all the money.

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Riccardo Odone

Senior fullstack engineer

3-month launch (30.000 USD or more)

Let’s launch your B2B SaaS while testing it with your customers.

We will:

We record all the calls (including the testing) for future reference.

If you are not happy with our work by the end of the first month, we’ll hand you all the work done for free and return you the money.

In case of defects, we’ll fix things for free up until 3 months after the completed engagement.

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Riccardo Odone

Senior fullstack engineer


(Handpicked to make us look good. But backed by real human beings.)

“Only hire Riccardo if you're willing to give him some creative control, because otherwise what's the point of hiring someone with his talents?”

Michael Heimbinder

Founder & Executive Director @ HabitatMap

“The way Riccardo approaches complex problems is highly structured. Before setting out to tackle an issue, he sits down to analyze it first so that no effort is wasted. Thanks to this we could be sure that the plan that we set out will have a positive impact.”

Rafał Cieślak

Software Developer @ Teleport

“You have always made me feel like we could do anything whenever we worked together, it was only a matter of time.”

Mateusz Luterek

Ruby Developer @ Shopify

“I am certain that Riccardo would be a great asset to any team. Here's what struck me most while working with him: high technical expertise, passion for the work he does, responsibility & accountability, uniquely high levels of productivity, dedication, clear and respectful communication.”

Shadi Rezek

Co-Founder & Software Engineer @ Knapsack


Featured on tech newsletters including Haskell Weekly, Elm Bits, and Elm Weekly. Author of TypeScript.tips.

Open Source.

Contributed to Haskell Yesod: added JSON support to Yesod.Auth.Dummy (pull/1619).


Co-organized the Global Day of Code Retreat Krakow 2019 and SoCraTes Conference Hamburg 2018/2019.

Questions & Answers

Who’s leading Featnesse?

Hey, I'm Riccardo Odone. I’m a fullstack web engineer who helps founders and entrepreneurs find product-market fit by breaking down business ideas into software bets. I don’t sell you code, nor time: we share risks and rewards.

Successful (software) bets:

  • Rescued OrderNova.com (oms + ecommerce) from failed launch to recurring revenue
  • Led Hypoguide.ch (fintech) to a big exit
  • Modernized Habitatmap.org/AirCasting.org (big data + dataviz) without ever stopping for a rewrite
  • I consulted as the most senior fullstack engineer and technical lead at Lunar Logic, (one of) the oldest Ruby on Rails shops in the world.

    I’m fluent with several technologies, but focus on business outcomes—software is just a side effect.

What technologies do you use?

We are fluent with Ruby on Rails, fullstack TypeScript, and Elm. We can discuss AWS Serverless.

What’s your hourly fee?

We don’t have one, sorry!

Hourly billing means you take all the risk. Plus, you’d have to micromanage because it would be convenient for us to take longer and delegate to junior developers.

Fixed pricing and shared goals align our interests and make us both happier.

How many hours will you work?

We don’t know. We’ll work until we reached the results we agreed upon at the beginning of the engagement.

What if you are late?

We own our mistakes. You will not pay a penny more than what we discussed upfront.

How the hell are you that fast?

About 80% of the work is the same as every other web application out there (e.g., registrations, emails, payments). We already built those and don't plan to reinvent the wheel: you pay a fixed price so it's in our interest to go faster not slower.

The other 20% we derisk in 2-week cycles that we test with customers. This means we can discard bad ideas quickly and compress months of work into weeks.

Also, we are product-minded and willing to take shortcuts to validate ideas. Still, you get exceptional guarantees on our work: we compromise on fidelity where it makes sense but never on quality.

It's a balancing act and we are good at it. Give us two weeks and we’ll show you.

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